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The Society For Metaphysical Enlightenment is a non-profit organization created by individuals who seek greater understanding of our world and life. We recognize, respect and support all forms of thought and spiritual pursuits.

We are a support group for positive thought! We seek knowledge from the non-traditional world about our role in the universe and our relationship to our physical and spiritual worlds in a more positive and creative thought though a loving, caring and sharing manner. To accomplish this goal, we sponsor two expo's and holistic fairs per year that feature meetings, lectures, products, services and classes that encourage a more positive and creative world based upon spiritual conscious thought. See our links Solstice Expo & Holistic Fair (June) and Spiritfest Expo & Holistic Fair (October).

Our organization was founded by Bill Tomaszewski in the early 1980's as a monthly meeting venue but in 2008 we re-organized and changed our name to the Society for Metaphysical Enlightenment that operates as a non-profit charitable organization that only sponsors special events. .Anthony Kenton and co-founder Rev. Rose Moyer have created a new age organization that encourages concepts that we are spirit first and live on a physical earth plane interacting with fellow human spirits. Our organization is composed of six. Our four other board of directors are Maureen Bender, Pat Weldon, Craig Bennett and Summerhawk Wolf.

We hope you join us in our pursuit of being and becoming our higher consciousness in light and love.

Society for Metaphysical Enlightentenment

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